Welcome to Shah Analytics

Hello Everyone,

Welcome to Shah Analytics!

This blog is part of my new year resolution and I am very happy that it is finally taking some shape. I will keep this post very brief. You will read about me in the about section but just to get started, I have a passion for Data Science and Machine Learning. Hence, I decided to share my thoughts and views.

Here, I will write article on various topics, such as Machine Learning, Data Science, Signal Processing and Wireless Communications. This blog will be more like a tutorial on above topics where I will also share some codes, mostly Matlab codes. Occasionally I will also post some pictures and posts on random topics.

I hope you will enjoy my posts and I will try my level best to share the knowledge I have in a simple and easy to understand language.

Best Regards


5 thoughts on “Welcome to Shah Analytics

  1. It will be very useful for people pursuing their careers in the same field. Please do regular updates 👍🏻


  2. It is explained in a very basic and precise manner, which I feel would be best for students perusing the same degree. Great job! Keep up the good work 😊


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